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Anytime, Night & Day

Fresh Gourmet

Anytime, Night & Day

Fresh Gourmet

Anytime, Night & Day


Minsky’s and eggtc. fans unite!

Night & Day Gourmet, a Minsky’s & eggtc. joynt, is now serving up select menu items! Located at the Plaza Tennis Center on the Country Club Plaza, you’ll find the best of both menus in a café setting with both indoor and outdoor seating.

Whether you’re hungry for a breakfast burrito and a smoothie, a cup of coffee, hummus and a Prime Cut pizza – or just in the mood to relax on the patio with a drink, Night & Day is a great new spot to stop in for just what you crave – morning, noon or night.

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Kansas City’s Best Breakfast and Kansas City’s Best Pizza now together on the Country Club Plaza.

What if eggtc. (the eclectic, KC-born, South Plaza, anytime’s-the-right-time for a fresh breakfast, brunch, lunch, casual, early-day-dining-and-chilling retreat), and Minsky’s (the legendary, almost 40-years-young, open-for-lunch-and-dinner, undisputed heavyweight “Best Pizza in KC” champion and proud inventor of Kansas City-style fresh-ingredient, real cheese, extra-tasty-sauce-and-crust Gourmet pizza destination), both found a new location on the Country Club Plaza? At exactly the same time? And it was exactly the same location?

And what if that Country Club Plaza location had a lovely outdoor café deck, a sort of small kitchen, a sort of small (let’s call it intimate) indoor dining area – and also a huge complex of quite popular tennis courts in the extra-immediate vicinity?

Would eggtc. and Minsky’s arm wrestle for the space?
They would not. This is Kansas City – we all get along here.
They’d find a way to combine the best of both eateries’ early morning, lunch and nighttime menus.

And they’d find just the right name, one that spoke to their mutual passion for great food – no matter the time of day. Night & Day Gourmet

And if they ever needed to argue some little sticking point, they would solve their dispute competitively – on the courts.
After all, there are 14 of them.

Night & Day Gourmet

A Minsky’s & eggtc. joynt


(816) 931-4626


Closed for the Season!


At the Plaza Tennis Center
4747 JC Nichols Parkway
Kansas City, MO 64112


Anytime, Night & Day